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Good physical health can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Without the proper knowledge of training and exercise, you can be at risk of injuries. With professional help, you don't have to take any risks, and you can learn to understand the why, how, and when of physical health.

We are experts in training and coaching. We know all about human anatomy, physiology, and psychology. In combination with the best available scientific evidence, we can make you achieve your true potential and the best version of yourself. So that you can enjoy life at its full potential. Whether it is an athletic performance or daily activities.

Racoon-Fit is known for its excessive-quality training, where there is space for results. We offer you leading quality, so you only have to worry about being there. We have an eye for every detail and can manage your expectations.

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Expert in training & Coaching

For athletes who like to outperform themself, there are plenty possibility's. There is always space for improvement. With the knowledge of cognition, neurology, physical testing, and measuring, we can achieve that bit extra.

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With online coaching, you can train when and wherever you want, but with the benefits of having a coach around.

With online coaching, a personal plan will be made, and progression will be tracked. You will get a custom-made workout schedule that you can use in your gym. Your progress will be monitored, and the exercises will be adapted to your progression and goals. If you need help, your coach is close by due to video chat or phone.


There is a wide variety of sports and training. With custom-designed workouts, you get workouts that are made for you and your specific goal.

Raccoon-Fit army, security, and police program

Are you planning on participating in selection tests for army, security, or police? Then there is a unique program for that. This program contains both mental and physical elements and is an excellent choice to prepare for the different selection tests.

Raccoon-Fit Crossfit program

Strength conditioning and technique.

Raccoon-Fit athletic performance program

Technique strength, speed, agility, and plyometrics.


You can train on location. For this, we partnered with a fitness center in Rotterdam, the Hague area. To learn more about the location, see the page below.

Click here to read more about Fitness center BodyBlitzz.

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''The investment you make in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.''