The physiotherapists of Racoon-Fysio can help you with various physical complaints. Do you have problems with your back, neck, shoulder, pelvis, wrist, ankle, hip, elbow, or knee? Then call in our physiotherapists. They are specialized in these treatments. In addition to their specialization in these physical complaints, they are also specialized in sport-specific complaints.

Raccoon-Fysio offers you the following:

  • Fast results thanks to innovative and effective methods

  • Move pain-free at your own level

  • Only certified and BIG registered physiotherapists

The physiotherapist looks at the cause of your pain, limitations, and options and then draws up a tailor-made treatment plan in consultation. In this approach, the patient is central, and we ensure an optimally functioning body by giving various treatments, education, advice, and exercises.

Together we look at the complaints, and which way of physiotherapy offers you the best solution. Our certified therapists take the healing process into account and, of course, at your pace.

Fast results thanks to innovative and effective methods

The amount of treatments that are needed depends on several factors. This includes the degree of the complaint, your recovery process, commitment, request for help, or factors impeding recovery due to a disease or disorder. Because we rely on innovative and effective methods, the treatment duration is usually shorter than usual.


Physiotherapists have a duty of confidentiality and will not provide data to third parties without permission. As a patient, you have the right to inspect your patient file. If you want to make use of this, you can indicate this.


Our therapist is quality registered and operates under the registration number: 9928578804 and can be verified on www.bigregister.nl

For an appointment with our therapist, please use the contact form.

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