Hi, my name is Jordy and i'm the founder and trainer from Raccoonservice

A few years ago I started with the physical therapy education. I was fascinated by doing sports like Crossfit and maximizing my capability's. During my study a layed the foundation for coaching and exercise performance. I noticed that the physical therapy study had a great foundation to do so much more then the bounderies of physical therpay. I came with the idea of a business that operates in different area's of human health. So here is Raccoon-Fit.

In my spare time i like to do sports, i'm fasinated by functional training and crossfit. I also like learn new skills. Other things I like to do are photo- and video-graphy.

A brief overview from courses en educations i did:

  • Bsc. Physical therapy, Hogeschool Rotterdam

  • NCSF Personal Training Certification

"I think it is important that sport is accessible to everyone". Jordy has a lot of knowledge in the field of sport-specific training, medical fitness and coaching. "My interest is in crossfit, you often see this in my training sessions. I love the challenge and I try to include it in every training so that you can get the most out of yourself.''

"Because of my background in physiotherapy, I can use exercise as a medicine for various situations."

A overview from my speciality's:

  • Medical training

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Olympic weightlifting & Crossfit

  • Weight loss & lifestyle

My resume

  • 2021 ...

  • 2020 Bsc. Physical therapy, Hogeschool Rotterdam

  • 2020 Pilates Trainer Course

  • 2019 Minor Hogeschool Rotterdam, Gezond meedoen door sport en bewegen

  • 2019 NCSF Personal trainer certification 2727875

  • 2019 CrossFit Lesson Planning Course

  • 2019 CrossFit Online Running Course

  • 2018 CrossFit 2018 Judges Course

  • 2018 USA Weightlifting: strength training for performance

  • 2018 USA Weightlifting: program designer

  • 2018 USA Weightlifting: Mental training for performance