Consultancy from Racoonserivce, the tool for your health and lifestyle.

Raccoon-Consultancy for your activity's and education

Health tools for the bigger public.

When you need someone who can educate bigger crowds, Raccoon-Consultancy can offer you something. With consultancy, the information that you or your public needs will be custom-made. Information will stick the best if you bring it into practice. With workshops, we can achieve that.

In that way, we bring you to the most important features in understandable language and giving you or others the tools to make changes in your or their health.


Business 💼

Raccoonservice can offer you a variety of solution-based workshops or presentations. We previously helped companies with the right knowledge about vitality, employee safety, and different activities, like boot camps, presentations, and meetings.

If you need advice about in-company health for your employees, this is the right place for this.




Lifestyle advise and coaching

Our trainers are educated to give you personal advise in a lot of situations.

We are commited to help you to achieve more.

Business vitality coaching

As a company your staff is valuable , we understand that as no other. We can help you with your employee vitality, so you can be focused on doing your things. This brings up the best in your company and your employees. Even if you have a small company there is allways a way to benefit from a higher vitality score. A vital employee is a happy employee!

Our vitality programs

Every company is different and also it's employee's. That means that every employee has other needs to stay vital and in good health. Vital employee's are more productive and call in sick less. To get more vital employee's there is a lot that you can facilitate as a employer. But where do you start?

Raccoon-Consultancy can help you with that question. We make customised programs, facilitate in execution of the programs and guide you to get the most out your employee's.

Get inspired and see samples of our previous projects

Launching healthcare products and services

Launching new products and services can be complex. With the right advise, some extra brains and hands, your products can be up and running in a flash. To get you started here are some tips: